Looking After Your Tarmac Driveway

Dublin Tarmac are more than happy to come out anytime during the week to give you advice on your tarmac driveway. If your driveway was previously installed by us, we offer a 25% discount on any sealing jobs that we do for previous clients. The guide below is a rough approximation on looking after your new driveway. If you have any other concerns call us 7 days a week and we will gladly go through them with you personally.

We ask that you keep car traffic off your driveway for at least 24 hours. If the weather is hot we ask that you try not to park on your drive for up to 3 days. You can of course walk on your driveway as your weight will have no impact on the driveway.

Your driveway will need 4-6 months to harden and cure. It will remain partially soft until then. Your driveway will soften and harden as temperatures rise and fall. Please be aware of this in hot weather. You can water down your drive with a hose on very hot days to temporarily harden the drive if its going to be having a lot of traffic that day from heavier vehicles.

To prevent pits, holes or gouges in your driveway avoid using kickstands on your drive and tight turning in your car with acceleration. They exert weight on concentrated areas and will mark your driveway. When using car jacks, ramps and anything similar that has a small focused surface area, place a sheet of plyboard under it to help distribute the weight over a larger area.

You must keep dirt off the asphalt surface at all times. The dirt pulls the oils out of the blacktop.
It is natural for the texture of your driveway surface to be varied. It is caused by the various sizes of sand, stone and other ingredients that make up asphalt. Also, areas that are done by hand will appear different than those done by machine.

Petrol, Diesel, Oil, Anti-freeze, transmission and power steering fluid can soften and break up your driveway. If you have spills of this nature, you should immediately clean it up. Try sprinkling some sand on it to soak it a bit first and use jeyes fluid or washing up liquid. Do not scrub the area while it is contaminated as it will unravel slightly.

Cracks may develop over the winter due to the contraction and expansion of the ground. These should be filled with crack filler.
We can happily seal your driveway with a Coal tar sealer, but we recommend that you wait at least 1 year. Sealer will protect your driveway if you have any dangerous spills and will give your drive that new black look.